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Hiking in Yukon (2017)
Hiking in Yukon (2017)

I am Ondrej Jurik: a journalist, adventurerteacher and a human rights activist.

I graduated as a tv journalist from Charles University in Prague (I teach there now), received my master’s degree from University of Westminster in London (currently I mentor students here) and I was a Paul Robitschek Scholar in broadcast journalism at the University of Nebraska.

I have dedicated most of my life to mediajournalism and to going on adventures. Throughout my life I have had many different jobs. I worked with my hands (fixing cars, building computers, delivering parcels, flipping burgers … ), with my head (teaching, working with human rights defenders). Besides that I had few very fun jobs (guiding canoe & hiking trips etc.).

Currently I am a director at the company I founded called SHIFT89 –  there you can check my professional bio. Alternatively you can download my resume.

Please feel free to connect with me if you think we have something in common. I am most active on the following social media platforms:

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