Adventures That Made Me Who I Am

4th of July in New York (1996)
4th of July in New York (1996)

If I am an expert on anything in my life it is probably travelling. There were definitely times when I spent more time going from place to place than staying in one. I visited  60+ countries (including every state in the US), lived on 3 continents and met thousands of fantastic people while travelling.

Travelling changed my life. When I was young I met people on the road who would in their own way help me decide what I wanted from life.

The time spent on the road be it driving, hitchhiking or walking is definitely my favorite.

Over the next few weeks I will be working on the following chapters of my “travelling life”.

1980s: Locked Behind the Iron Curtain
1993: Persona non-grata in Austrian Empire
1994: Lost & Found at Victoria Station, London
1995: How do you Hitchhike to Canary Islands?
1996: Around America in a Greyhound Bus spending $1/day
1998: Hitchhiking to the End of the Continent
2003: Crazy Palestinians will Shoot you and the Jews as Well
2002: With Drunken Captain Steaming Ahead
2007-2009: Discovering North America
2009 – 2011 Two-year Long PhD in Latin America
2017 – Driving from Washington DC to Alaska

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