Betting on Presidential Candidate Milos Zeman and the sad state of the Czech Republic

I had never bet money on anything before in my life. However betting half of my current salary on Milos Zeman winning the presidential election in the Czech Republic was not a hard decision.

Based on what I saw here in the Czech Republic in last 3 months – after being gone for almost a decade – I had no doubt about which candidate will win. The change in politics, education, daily life has been minimal.

I think we need to realize that by voting a president A or B nothing serious is going to change for our country. Nothing is going to change by complaining either or posting Facebook post like this one. Facebook is a nice campaign tool, but the change needs to happen away from the virtual world. Clicking LIKE can make us feel better but changes nothing. Honestly even me writing this is pretty useless.

Betting on Milos Zeman
Betting on Milos Zeman

The only real change will take a long, long time and will only be done by our own hard daily work – being better at whatever we do. Our situation will only get better if we start being honest to ourselves first and then to others hopefully.

We will be better off if we will admit what our history is and what it is not. We need to know who we are as a nation and where we belong. We need to take pride of the good and responsibility for the bad in our history. As a nation we need to stop believing historical lies and have more balanced view of our past and our predecessors. We are ONE nation and we no longer need to pretend that someone is going to take it from us. This election showed again that we the Czechs are very confused about all this at best.

Although seeing Zeman back in politics makes me physically sick, I wish him the best and hope for the best for all of us. I will always believe that in the end “Truth and Love Will Prevail Over Lies and Hate”. Hopefully one day there will be a man up in the castle again that I can really proud of.

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