From Chile to Texas on a Small Motorcycle

Note: This adventure finished in 2011. You can find summary of the trip here:


The bike is packed and ready to go
The bike is packed and ready to go

This is some basic information about the trip I am taking.You can follow me on this site (posts in the Bike category) or via Facebook fan page.

Here is some basic info about the trip:

Who: Me, Ondrej Jurik. Previous bike experience 200 km on Jawa Mustang 50ccm. Now living one year in Latin America
What: Motorcycle trip from Santiago, Chile to Austin, Texas and hopefully to New York City (about 20 000 miles/ 30 000 km)
When: Starting on 7th of November 2010 and arriving to the US who knows when (probably sometime in 2011 or 2012)
Where: On the continents of South and later North America
Why: It should be interesting to see Latin America this way
How: On a small motorcycle Honda CGL 125

Here is the first video post about the trip:

Here is the map with planned and actual route:
View On Motorcycle from Chile to the USA in a larger map

These are some problems I know I will have to overcome:

  • crossing borders and arranging the paperwork
  • figuring out how to deal with corrupt police in some countries
  • escaping dogs that I noticed keep running after the bike
  • figuring out how to cross the gap between South and North America
  • traffic in crazy cities like Rio or Sao Paulo for example
  • getting used to using blinkers (unlike in a car you have to turn them off after finishing a turn and I keep forgetting about that)
  • not forgetting about the kickstand, I keep taking off with it still touching the ground 🙂
  • etc.,etc., etc.

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