Km 20000: Crossing Brazil

My bike looks like new again. Thanks to these guys!
My bike looks like new again. Thanks to these guys!

Brazil is a huge country. It’s hard to understand how huge it is until you cross it on a small motorbike :). Yeah, there is a reason why Brazilians more than any South Americans take planes to travel… That said crossing this country was a spectacular experience. I am fluent in Spanish but not in Portuguese, so this definitely was an added challenge. My favorite part was stopping at random roadside motels where they hardly ever see any foreigners and eat at all-you-can-eat buffets whose only advertising was tons of cars and trucks parked outside.

Crossing Brazil means crossing most of the continent but also few very different cultures. The affluent and very European-like South had very little to do with the North. I was glad I could acclimatize to this country by staying a month in Rio studying a bit of Portuguese and learning what I could about Brazil.

If there are two things I will remember most about ride through Brazil they would be never ending roads as I already mentioned and omnipresent rain. Brazil is green for a reason and I had to dry my clothes too many times not to understand it now. During this process I learned that motorcycle is an excellent drier. I am just wandering what other drivers though when my wet clothes and shoes were drying off connected to the handlebar.

Here is a short video-essay about crossing Brazil:

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